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2021 Annual Release Set 9x70cl

Cadenhead’s 2021 Annual Release Set contains the full set of nine special single casks bottles, each featuring an individual front label to highlight all of Cadenhead’s shops.

This set offers some firsts for Cadenhead’s, such the first ever Cadenhead’s bottling from Bimber distillery and the first heavily peated version of Kilkerran which was matured in a sherry hogshead. Bimber is a tremendously exciting London whisky, whereas Kilkerran is from much closer to home – Campbeltown’s Glengyle Distillery. We can’t wait for you to try them both.

This set is also perfect for displaying the wide variety of products that Cadenhead’s can offer, from the 45yo Cognac from the Petite Champagne region and Cadenhead’s Irish 15yo “Spirit Drink.” The rich and characterful Cognac is a true highlight of the release while the 15yo bottling from the Emerald Isle presents some attention-grabbing dunnage warehouse notes before developing a fresher and fruitier nature that you may expect from an Irish “Spirit Drink.”

The set provides a range of cask maturations, such as our 14yo Fettercairn which has been in a Palo Coratdo sherry hogshead since 2019 (and the cask influence helps bring out a range of cake and dessert elements that will bring joy to anyone with a sweet tooth) and a Belize rum finished Aultmore 11yo that is light and crisp with citrus notes. The Single Grain from the closed Cambus distillery, in a Oloroso sherry hogshead since March 2020, is an excellent example of a grain whisky and shows why we have long been big fans of this type of whisky here at Cadenhead’s.

Also included is the Glenburgie-Glenlivet 10yo, and invigorating dram that rewards you with notes of chocolate and butter in the late stages, and Glengarioch 10yo – a dram with a warming feel and hints of cinnamon on the palate adding an extra element to every pour. Two drams with a luxurious element and lasting appeal, you’ll be going back to them over and over again.


Cadenhead’s Annual Release set contains 1x70cl of each of the following products ; 

Kilkerran 5 years old 57.3%, Heavily peated, sherry hogshead

Fettercairn 14 years old 55.3%, Palo Cortado sherry hogshead since June 2019

Bimber 4 years old 58.7%, Ex bourbon barrel

Aultmore-Glenlivet 11 years old 64.1%, Belize rum barrel since 2018

Distillerie Charpentier Cognac, 45 years old 61.3%

Glenburgie-Glenlivet 10 years old 56.6%, Bourbon hogshead

Cambus 30 years old 53.3%, Oloroso sherry hogshead since March 2020

Glengarioch 10 years old 55.1%, Fino sherry hogshead since 2019

Irish Spirit Drink 15 years old 45.5%, Bourbon hogshead

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