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Grosperrin 32yo 52.8% (Cognac)

Cognac From Scotland

A Grande Champagne Cognac sourced from Grosperrin. This is one has been well received by everyone who has tried it and to be honest we are quite surprised (But happy) to have any stock left to add to the website.


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90 /100

Well Jean Grosperrin did not distill this, this is Grande Champagne sourced from Grosperrin’s, who, in turn, sourced it from some local growers. What’s sure is that this is a very good pedigree – and an excellent sourcing strategy. Colour: copper gold. Nose: not extremely expressive, but it’s to be said that high-strength cognacs remain very unusual. Having said that, what we get is pretty perfect, with something oriental (incense, ylang-ylang) and some blood oranges or something. Some old calvados or apple brandy too. Domfrontais with a lot of pears? With water: smells of the countryside down there. Some old orchard around September the 15th, with wonderful ripe apples and pears about to fall. Mouth (neat): old calvados, really! Apples, cider, white pepper, gritty peels, rambutans… Good I know rambutans do not belong to Calvados, but is that a problem? Rather love this rusticity I have to say. With water: pam! Just more of all that, plus a little cappuccino. What some foreign friends call French coffee, which, apparently, is some Irish coffee with some cognac instead of Irish whiskey. N.o. c.o.m.m.e.n.t.s. Finish: rather long, a tad grassier. Wulong tea, apple skin, oranges. Comments: truly wonderful and the price is (was?) absolutely perfect. Proper old Cognac from the countryside indeed. - Serge

Nose – Dry, with dusty raisins, linseed oil, oil caraway seeds and dried orange slices. There’s a deep sweetness underneath that but the dryness is practically medicinal. Satchel territory.

Body – Incredibly rich, tart tatin and intense, tar levels of wood extraction (not overdone though). That tart tatin, caramelised fruit and crumble thing is brilliant.

Finish – Burnt, brown apple slices, charred pork crackling and liquorice imps. It’s extremely deep, full of apples, raspberry, farmyard hay and oak.

To be this dry on the nose, then intensely fruity and wooded on the delivery – brilliant. This is a massive spirit and a far cry from the ultra-balanced blended cognacs I have been getting into.

Score – A⊕+

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