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Tomintoul 12yo 54.9%

Single Malt Whisky From Scotland

This one is a sister cask of the excellent Tomintoul cask that used to be part of the warehouse tastings in Campbeltown. This one is equally moreish! Perfect dram to start the day!

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Maltloaf, salted butter, spiced apples and grape skins.


Hints of rhubarb and raspberries, toffee shortbread, sesame seeds and fresh pineapple chunks.


Syrupy, hints of black pepper and then lashing of honey with traces of aniseed and almonds.


Nose – I stand corrected, this is evidently a very large whisky, with a confident, dusty, grown up nose full of orchard fruit, sawdust and waxy, jelly snakes. The blue ones.

Body – Soft and sweet, then weirdly, muskily sweet with caught rhubarb juice and brown sugar.

Finish – Medium with cured oak planks on a hot summer day. Deliciously fruity with balanced sugar and acid.

A summery whisky for the end of the year. This is a lot better and significantly more robust than I was expecting. I (in theory) don’t abide distillery prejudice, and I’m not sure what I’ve got against Tomintoul but it doesn’t apply here.

Score A⊕

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