Scotland's Oldest Independent Bottler

Never-Chill Filtered, Never-Coloured

Shipped from Campbeltown

About Cadenhead’s

Wm Cadenhead’s Ltd is Scotland’s oldest independent bottler, founded in 1842 but since 1972 we have been based in Campbeltown.

Cadenhead’s specialise in bottling single cask or small batch whisky, gin, rum, cognac, and other spirits from across all of Scotland and the rest of the world.

The company ethos is to keep things natural, no chill filtering and never adding colouring or additives of any kind, allowing the true distillery character to shine through. This is very important to us.

All our products are bottled in Campbeltown after passing the company’s simple selection process… if we don’t like it then it doesn’t get bottled.  The focus is purely on the quality of the spirit inside the bottle.

Cadenhead’s was originally based in Aberdeen until 1972 when it was bought by J&A Mitchell & Co. Ltd, who also own Springbank and Glengyle Distilleries in Campbeltown, and has continued to go from strength to strength ever since.  For a more detailed history visit our brand site:

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