Shipping & Delivery Information

Shipping to countries within the EU is temporarily suspended while we review the new procedures for shipping due to the UK leaving the EU.

We will review will review this situation again on 25th January 2021.

If you have any queries regarding current order please get in touch via email - [email protected].

Shipping Info

As all of our deliveries are made from Cadenhead HQ in Campbeltown this can add a little extra time on for delivery but we still expect all deliveries to be made within 5 to 10 days from dispatch. This is one of the “joys” of being situated in (what delivery companies claim to be) a remote part of the Scottish Highlands but we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. And, please remember, many of the products on our website have taken 10 or 15 or 20+ years to get this far so it would be gratefully appreciated if you were willing to wait a few more days for delivery.

Although we do ship to many countries worldwide there are some countries that we are not able to send to. We will not honour any orders to countries that we do not ship to.

All products sold on our website are subject to UK taxes, if we are sending to an address within the European Union prices are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). Any shipment outside of the EU will not be subject to VAT however you may be liable for local taxes and duties upon your orders’ arrival in your country. It is the responsibility of each customer to be aware of their local import regulations prior to placing an order on our website.

Also, as mentioned in our Terms and Conditions, we will not deliver any orders to one of our Cadenhead shops, nor are we able to combine online orders with purchases from any of our Cadenhead shops.

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