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Ever wondered what Cadenhead’s actually do?

Wm Cadenhead’s is Scotland’s Oldest Independent Bottler having started life in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1842. For a comprehensive review of Cadenhead’s history, please visit our brand site here.

The company is now based in Campbeltown and we bottle and sell a range of whisky, rum, gin, cognac and more!

We purchase casks and spirits from distillers around the world and bottle them only when we think they are ready. We own thousands of casks and we are always buying more so we have a wide variety to choose from for bottling and for laying down for future releases. 

We don’t get distracted by things like the age of the whisky or whether it was distilled at a fashionable distillery. We make the decision on what to bottle based only on the taste and we take special pride in finding hidden gems.

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