Scotland's Oldest Independent Bottler

Never-Chill Filtered, Never-Coloured

Shipped from Campbeltown

Our Ethos

Cask Selection – It’s what is inside the bottle that counts and the selection of casks is a massive part of that. We own many, many casks and we are always buying more so we have a wide variety to choose from.  The selection of casks is key for us to select high quality whisky with a varied range of ages, cask types and distillery styles. We own casks from a large number of Scottish distilleries and many from other countries too. All are non-chill filtered and no additional colouring is added.

Hidden Gems – We don’t get distracted by things like the age of the whisky or whether it was distilled at a fashionable distillery. We bottle what we want, when we want and we make the decision to do so based only on the taste, nothing else.  Although we love bottling an attractive whisky from a big name distillery we also take pride in finding hidden gems from perhaps lesser known distilleries.

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