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Strathclyde 29yo 55.7%

Single Grain Whisky From Scotland

A rummy and slightly spicy bottling of two barrels of Strathclyde.

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Rummy! moscovado sugar, fudge.


Very chewy. Cinnamon toast, hints of lime.


Hint of paprika, peppermint, dark chocolate.


84 /100

Colour: gold. Nose: oranges and vanilla, candy sugar, Fanta, Cuban rum, corn syrup. Not the deepest whisky ever, but it’s okay. I think. With water: engine oil, brake fluid, plasticine, peanut oil, all things never to be found in ‘pure’ grain whisky. Mouth (neat): good, vanilla, orange syrup, traces of peat, soot, and seawater. The casks were excellent. With water: creamy vanilla and almond milk, malt, Golden Grahams, pommes tapées (that’s slices of apples that are hammered and dried, a great specialty they have around Angers and Saumur. Goes well with sweet chenin blanc, I tell you). Finish: medium, on fudge and apples, cinnamon… Comments: fine! There was some peat before we added water, but it got grainier again once reduced. Should have been the other way ‘round, go figure…

84 for a grain from Serge is very high praise! - Serge

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